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Operating with the mindset of relationships over transactions, I focus my real estate career on forming lasting relationships with my clients. I do this by providing the highest level of service and offering complete transparency. This high level of service has earned me the opportunity to be completely trusted by my clients, a trust I will never betray! My goal is to have my clients back, completely and honestly 100% of the time no matter what. This is non-negotiable for me! I never expect someone to take my word on this, I'll prove it with my contract-free way of operating. I'll take on the risk myself in order to prove myself to my clients. It works because my clients know I have to provide the highest level of service or they can just move on. It's also great for me because once I provide that level of service, it leads to referrals and more business for me down the line.

As a real estate photographer, I utilize my skills to make listings that will always stand out above the competition. Using my marketing background I then have the ability to drive further demand to that listing. There is nobody who can present a home the way I can and it pays off for my sellers over and over again!

Having spent 13 years as a full-time firefighter and paramedic, I use my knowledge of building construction to ensure my buyers know exactly what they're getting into! My focus is on my buyer's wants and needs and I'll always be there to support them at every turn.

A different way of doing business has propelled me to be one of the highest-producing agents in the area, I'm honored to be able to offer different options to my clients and continue to support them with the relationships over transactions motto!

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